We specialize in creating high-impact rebrands, custom-made WordPress websites, graphic design and illustration for individuals and businesses making big moves.

Zesty Illustration & Design, a small boutique design agency fuelled by the love for design and all things business.

With a sweet spot for web design, graphic design and illustration, we aim to use our abilities to help businesses who are ready to level-up their business. Not only to make a long-lasting impression—but build a reputation that lasts.

“We do what we love and
we love what we do”

Zesty Illustration & Design’s name was inspired by Zoë’s personality, she is the sparkle, the one with the oomph, the Zesty one.

Zoë started the company back in 2017 when she realised that a client is more than just the money, but a relationship too. She decided to deliver just this to her clients by creating a full spectrum company that delivers a variety of digital marketing and web design services but still stays true to the promise of an ongoing human-work relationship between agency and client.

Zoë studied at the NWU in Potchefstroom where she obtained her degree in BA Graphic design where she specialised in multimedia design. Her career post-university has lead her to obtain life changing experience and learn valuable market related experience to set the groundwork for Zesty Illustration & Design.

She has worked with well known franchises and not so well known small companies but all of them are just as important to her and her company.

Zesty Illustration & Design thrives to be the best in providing a full spectrum of digital marketing services while delivering quality work and exceptional client services. 

Zesty Illustration & Design aims to provide excellent client services with record breaking turnaround time for delivering projects as well as delivering high quality work at affordable prices.

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